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Advanced Manufacturing industry

Advanced Manufacturing industry at a glance


Of total national exports of goods

Source: Statistics Portugal (2021).


Metal Processing Industry

People employed. Source: Statistics Portugal (2021).


Of the companies in the manufacturing industry

Source: Statistics Portugal (2022).


Electric, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering

People employed. Source: Statistics Portugal (2021).

Metal Processing Industry


Product exports | 2022


Gross value added | 2021


Exports to Spain


Exports to France

Electric, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering

12 B € (20%)

Product exports

Share of total manufacturing industry. Source: Eurostat (2022)

2,1 B € (36%)

Gross value added

Share in Advanced Manufacturing Industry. Source: Statistics Portugal (2021)


Share R&D investment in manufacturing industry

Source: Eurostat (2020)

Recent FDI projects in Portugal

1 /
cable solutions

Fischer Connectors (Switzerland)

electric motors

WEG (Brazil)


Bosch Termotecnologia (Germany)

automotive cables

Coficab (Tunisia)

Within the group worldwide, Portugal is increasingly a reference, with a clear formula for success: Invented in Portugal and made in Portugal with Portuguese talents.
Javier González ParejaRobert Bosch GmbH
The facility in Portugal offers better access to Europe and South America and opens doors to new international markets, attracting new customers and subcontracting companies
Nicholas Beck (CEO)Beck Automation
The manufacturing unit in Portugal is one of the cornerstones of the group's operational growth strategy as a global connectivity partner of original equipment to manufacturers worldwide.
Jonathan Brossard (CEO)Conextivity
Portugal is an attractive location to invest, mainly because of the talent and skills of its human resources, and it's a great investment destination for other German Conextivity companies.
Stephan Meiswinkel (CEO)SEW - Eurodrive


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