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NewsRoom (by AICEP)

  • 7 of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies are Portuguese according to the Financial Times FT 1000 list for 2024.

    2024-03-05 09:02
    Portugal Business News/AICEP
  • Portugal has emerged as a compelling destination for entrepreneurs, offering a high standard of living, favourable weather, and a pool of specialised talent, vital for fostering rapid growth in its startup ecosystem.

    2024-03-04 15:31
  • Already working on obtaining Portuguese IBAN.

    2024-03-04 12:27
    Natasha Donn, Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Portugal will launch its second satellite "Aeros" into space today, which will observe the oceans from the "neighborhood" of the International Space Station.

    2024-03-04 12:08
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portugal's gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 2.3 per cent in 2023, a rate of growth above the eurozone average for the second consecutive year. Exports grew by 4.2 per cent in real terms, making the largest contribution to Portugal's economic growth for the third consecutive year. After three years of deficit, in 2023, Portugal recorded a positive External Trade Balance.

    2024-02-29 15:22
  • Qatar Chamber and the Portuguese International Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to foster the development and diversification of commercial exchanges and economic co-operation.

    2024-03-04 09:10
  • Portuguese company that develops BMW technology, Critical TechWorks, has registered a 30% growth in 2023.

    2024-03-04 11:19
    Portugal Business News/AICEP
  • Portuguese EV Charging brand Powerdot raises 100 million euros to extend its mobility network across Europe.

    2024-03-04 11:15
    Portugal Business News/AICEP
  • Portuguese cuisine debuts in Paris with the scrumptious francesinha taking the city by storm.

    2024-03-04 11:10
    Portugal Business News/AICEP
  • These four stores will be just the beginning of our expansion. I'm sure we'll go to Lisbon someday, but I don't know when", says the regional director.

    2024-02-28 11:34
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Twenty-one wine producers from the Alentejo will participate in this year's edition of ProWein, considered the largest wine fair in the world, which will take place in Düsseldorf (Germany), between 10 and 12 March.

    2024-02-29 11:50
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), a global leader in renewable energy development, has been awarded Phase 8 of the SolarNova program, a Singapore public tender to select a developer of distributed solar energy. The auction was jointly led by Singapore’s Housing and Development Board and Singapore’s Economic Development Board.

    2024-02-29 09:06
  • One region of Portugal has been ranked in the top 10 of places in the world for millionaires to holiday.

    2024-02-28 15:48
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Foreign direct investment in Portugal was 180,411 million euros in 2023, 6.24% more than in 2022, with Lisbon receiving more than half, according to data from the Bank of Portugal (BdP).

    2024-02-28 14:19
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • The mayor of Aveiro has revealed that the number of local accommodations increased from 30 to 2,500 in 10 years, commenting on tourism levels that broke new records in 2023, with almost 447,000 overnight stays.

    2024-02-28 11:31
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • UPTEC will host a networking event focused on the Repsol Foundation's Acceleration Program. The event is scheduled for 6 March 2024, from 17:00 to 18:30 WET, at UPTEC Asprela I, located at 455 Rua Alfredo Allen 461, 4200-135 Porto.

    2024-02-28 08:45
  • FDI Intelligence magazine highlighted Portugal’s economic expansion, describing its startling growth as a Tech Hub as well as the other sectors where foreign companies choose to invest.

    2024-02-27 11:52
    Portugal Business News/AICEP
  • Frotcom marks its 15 years in Romania, a milestone representing a journey based on professionalism, efficiency, and a proven record of satisfied customers.

    2024-02-27 11:42

    Discover the promising future of economic ties between Qatar and Portugal with the recent memorandum of understanding (MoU). Explore the potential for growth and innovation in this emerging partnership.

    2024-02-27 08:21
  • The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) congratulates Saudi Arabia’s achievement of welcoming over 100 million tourists, a milestone achieved seven years ahead of its original schedule, signifying the Kingdom's innovative leadership and commitment to transforming the global Travel & Tourism sector.

    2024-02-26 14:54
  • Air Liquide and Sasol have signed new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Enel Green Power RSA  for the long term supply of an additional capacity of 110 MW of renewable power to Sasol’s Secunda site in South Africa.

    2024-02-26 14:49
    Air Liquide/AICEP
  • Portuguese cork exports reached €1,232 million, increasing by 2 percent compared to 2022, which marks a “new record for the sector”, according to the Associação Portuguesa da Cortiça (APCOR).

    2024-02-26 11:33
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portugal is launching an AI Hub in Lisbon where the future of Artificial Intelligence will be created.

    2024-02-26 09:17
  • Dolce&Gabbana just launched a perfume inspired by Portugal.

    2024-02-26 09:11
  • The International Dairy Federation (IDF) has today announced the launch of the IDF Dairy Innovation Awards 2024, sponsored by Tetra Pak.

    2024-02-22 15:15
    Tetra Pak/AICEP
  • Building on a solid performance and a record investment dynamic in 2023, Air Liquide accelerates and doubles the margin ambition of its ADVANCE strategic plan.

    2024-02-22 15:12
    Air Liquide/AICEP
  • Canada will open a visa application centre in Lisbon, offering Portuguese citizens "more flexibility and accessibility, to visit, study and work in the country", according to the Canadian Government.

    2024-02-22 11:14
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • The Regional Growth Conference 2024 (RGC) in Patras is set to introduce new topics and fresh perspectives on Greece's regional development.

    2024-02-22 10:34
  • Portugal was one of the economies that grew the most in 2023 among 27 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), ranking fifth with a GDP variation of 2.3%.

    2024-02-22 08:55
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portugal achieved an external surplus of €7.2 billion, equivalent to 2.7 percent of GDP, marking the third highest ratio in the series and the highest since 2013. In 2023, the Portuguese economy had an external surplus of €7.2 billion, which corresponds to 2.7 percent of GDP. This ratio is the third highest in the series and the highest since 2013.

    2024-02-21 15:30
  • The stock of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Portugal recorded an increase of 6.2 percent at the end of December 2023 compared with the same period of the previous year, reaching 180.4 billion euros.

    2024-02-21 15:40
  • The Portuguese economy story 2023 was about transition, resilience, and cautious optimism.

    2024-02-21 13:54
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Microsoft announced the launch of the AI ​​Innovation Factory in Portugal, in partnership with Accenture, Avanade and Unicorn Factory Lisbon, with the aim of accelerating the adoption of the technology by companies.

    2024-02-21 11:03
  • Underwater photographer and videographer Nuno Sá has been recognised in the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition, winning the Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year 2024 category.

    2024-02-21 10:52
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Tetra Pak is announcing several strategic investments designed to level up the recycling capacity for carton packages in the European Union (EU).

    2024-02-20 09:57
    Tetra Pak/AICEP
  • In 2023, Air Liquide set a new record by signing 62 new small gas production units directly installed on its customers' sites in the industrial merchant and electronics sectors in 2023. This growth reflects the increased demand for these solutions, and illustrates our capacity to meet customers' needs. They offer real advantages: a continuous, reliable supply of gas, adapted to each client's production needs and helping to reduce carbon emissions.

    2024-02-20 09:54
    Air LiquideAICEP
  • Portuguese fashion brand Judy Sanderson won the Global Fashion Brand award by the MMM Endowment Fund (Le Fonds de Dotation MMM).

    2024-02-20 09:05
    Portugal Business News/AICEP
  • The Portuguese footwear sector will invest 600 million euros by 2030 for the development of eco-friendly shoes.

    2024-02-19 11:28
  • Bank of Greece - Note on the Greek economy final.

    2024-02-19 11:08
  • Wednesday, February 14th 2024

    The BEYOND – the international tech event which takes place annually in Thessaloniki, it is fast becoming the foremost digital technology exhibition in Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean and MENA; a veritable melting p0t the region's brightest minds, most innovative companies and cutting-edge products.

    2024-02-19 11:02
  • On February 28th, from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM, the Cuatrecasas Auditorium (Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 6) in Lisbon will host the SelectUSA Investment Seminar. SelectUSA is the United States federal government program that promotes and facilitates foreign business investment in the U.S.

    2024-02-16 14:07
  • Empowered Startups played a key role in a recent public discussion on Talent Immigration at the University of Algarve. Multiple members of Empowered joined other prominent experts in highlighting best practices and policies for enhancing Portugal's economic future.

    2024-02-16 13:59
    Empowered Startups/AICEP
  • As part of its strategic plan, the Portuguese footwear industry will invest 600 million euros by the end of the decade in innovation, sustainability, company and worker skills, and internalisation.

    2024-02-15 16:04
  • Mercadona is preparing to open 11 new stores in Portugal this year.

    2024-02-14 16:53
    The PortugalNews/AICEP
  • Portuguese hotel company Pestana Hotel Group has grown its footprint in the U.S. with the addition of Pestana Orlando Suites – Lake Buena Vista in Orlando.

    2024-02-14 16:06
    Hotel Management/AICEP
  • In the midst of a cold British winter, the word "Portugal" evokes images of a warmer year-round climate, picturesque beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and world-class golf courses.

    2024-02-14 15:59
    Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK/AICEP LONDON
  • The winning work of the BIAL Award in Biomedicine 2023, selected from 70 nominations, will be announced at the Award Ceremony on February 20, 2024, at 6 p.m., in the Reitoria da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and will be held in a hybrid format, so everyone can watch online. The event will be chaired by the President of the Portuguese Republic.

    2024-02-14 15:30
    Fundação BIAL/AICEP
  • The leading platform for the Greek renewable energy market is back: RENPOWER Greece – Powering Ahead with BIG RES & Storage Plans, 5th edition, which will be hosted in Athens, Greece on 21 March 2024.

    2024-02-14 11:25
  • Azora, in collaboration with Core Capital, launches the Quetta Data Centers platform to invest more than 500 million euros in the construction of a network of 6 highly efficient "Edge" data centers in Spain and Portugal.

    2024-02-14 11:09
  • Air Liquide and Dow renewed their industrial gas supply agreement in Stade, one of the largest chemical production sites in Lower Saxony, Germany. In this context, Air Liquide will supply industrial gases under a long-term agreement and invest close to 40 million euros in the modernisation of its assets, enabling operational efficiency and reducing CO₂ emissions.

    2024-02-12 14:42
    Air Liquide/AICEP
  • The Enóphilo Wine Fest will take place for the first time in the Algarve, on March 2, with the possibility of tasting wines from 35 national producers, 10 of which are from the region.

    2024-02-12 10:50
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portuguese model and actress Margarida Corceiro is the new Kérastase ambassador.

    2024-02-12 08:53
    Portugal Business News/AICEP
  • Portuguese company Tearfil is showcasing yarn made from pineapple at the global fashion event Première Vision in Paris.

    2024-02-12 08:48
  • Scheduled for February 21st at 10:00 AM (GMT), experts from TELLES – Law Firm and Global Citizen Solutions will gather in a webinar titled "Moving and Living in Portugal". The online event aims to delve into recent legal and tax changes affecting businesspeople, second homeowners, and retirees interested in living in Portugal.

    2024-02-09 15:19
    TELLES/Global Citizen Solutions/AICEP
  • The Portuguese airline received an ESG Risk Rating of 24.4 by Morningstar Sustainalytics.

    2024-02-08 14:16
    TAP Air Portugal/AICEP
  • TwinEU is one of the largest consortia to date under the Horizon Europe programme. With a budget of €20 million, it brings together 75 partners from 15 different countries, including INESC TEC. The goal of TwinEU is to develop a digital twin of the European electrical system to improve its management and planning, particularly with the increased integration of renewable energies. It also seeks to innovate business models to enhance system flexibility, supporting Europe's goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

    2024-02-08 10:00
  • A group of Portuguese home textiles manufacturers will be displaying their new products during the New York Home Fashions Market in March.

    2024-02-07 09:24
    Home Textiles Today/AICEP
  • An agreement has been signed between the Intermunicipal Community (CIM) of the Coimbra Region and the Luso-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILM) to reinforce business opportunities between the two countries.

    2024-02-07 09:21
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portuguese fashion brand Salsa Jeans is conquering the Turkish market through a partnership with Boyner Grup, one of the main retail groups in Türkiye.

    2024-02-05 14:06
  • The 1st Newsletter for Posidonia 2024, to take place 3-7 June 2024, is now available to download.

    2024-02-05 11:36
  • This week, Shopify has launched its Winter ’24 Edition, which includes more than 100 product updates to its ecommerce platform. These include features to make international selling easier. Merchants can now add a localized online store for up to 3 markets.

    2024-02-05 09:07
    Pleuni, Ecommercenews/AICEP
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) may have an economic impact of €61 billion in Portugal, says a study by Strand Partners commissioned by AWS, with 35 percent of companies having already adopted this technology.

    2024-02-05 09:02
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Amadeus announces it is acquiring Vision-Box, a leading provider of biometric solutions for airports, airlines, and border control customers.

    2024-02-02 14:51
  • Portugal ended 2023 with the highest economic growth of the EU’s 12 best performing economies.

    2024-02-02 09:20
    Natasha Donn, Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • GDP stable in both the euro area and the EU +0.1% and +0.2% respectively compared with the fourth quarter of 2022.

    2024-02-01 15:35
  • Vila Galé Group will invest 50 million euros in 2024, opening three new hotels, with more in execution and analysis, after 2023 having recorded record revenues.

    2024-02-01 10:09
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • According to ECO, Delta Cafés, from the Nabeiro Group, leads the ranking of the most responsible companies in Portugal for the third consecutive time.

    2024-02-01 09:40
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Interfreight Logistics, a Cyprus-based freight and logistics company, has successfully increased its fleet productivity by 15% and reduced costs by 10% through the use of the Frotcom system. Previously, the company faced operational challenges, such as manual tracking of fleet expenses and a lack of access to crucial data related to fuel consumption, fuel theft, and temperature control monitoring.

    2024-01-31 15:17
  • Efacec’s activity in North-West Europe has just been strengthened in the power and distribution transformer sector with the signing of new contracts in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (UK), which will contribute to the decarbonisation and development of the electricity grid, respectively.

    2024-01-31 14:06
  • BioAdvance led by Paulo Gaspar has built one of the largest European advanced biofuel units in the Port of Figueira da Foz.

    2024-01-30 09:17
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Loulé Council will allocate €100,000 to support audiovisual production in 2024, as part of an initiative that aims to develop the sector in the Algarve, promote the work of local technicians and publicise the area.

    2024-01-26 10:30
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • According to idealista, Time Out magazine has listed the best cities in the world for 2024 with Lisbon and Porto occupying the top 20.

    2024-01-30 09:14
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Spanish company Visalia will launch, in February, a fixed electricity, gas, fiber and telephone tariff for domestic customers in Spain and is preparing to enter the Portuguese market, with the opening of an office in Lisbon.

    2024-01-30 09:13
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • According to the results of the Goods Export Outlook Survey (IPEB), Portuguese exporting companies anticipate a nominal increase of 2.9 percent in the exports of goods in 2024. This contrasts with the declining trend observed in the International Trade in Goods data for the cumulative period from January to November 2023, where exports fell by 1.1 per cent.

    2024-01-29 11:30
  • Stellantis will produce electric vehicles in Portugal and will invest 119 million euros to manufacture four fully electric models.

    2024-01-26 09:33
  • Portuguese company Salvador Caetano just obtained the exclusivity for Chinese car brands M-Hero, Voyah, and Dongfeng for Portugal and Spain.

    2024-01-26 09:30
  • Critical TechWorks, a joint-venture between Critical Software and the BMW Group specialising in software development for the German automotive brand, is proud to announce the inauguration of its third office in Braga. This strategic expansion underscores the company's unwavering commitment to fortifying its presence in the country.

    2024-01-25 11:50
    Critical TechWorks/AICEP
  • Portugal recorded an increase in exports of goods and services from January to November 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. The results led to a surplus in Portugal's trade balance of 3,970 million euros. Spain stands out as the main destination for Portuguese exports, followed by France and Germany.

    2024-01-19 11:30
  • The EU-Japan Green Transition Business Matchmaking event is a collaborative platform connecting companies and research organizations in Japan and to contribute to a greener economy. The event, scheduled for February 15-16 and 19-22, 2024, includes both online and onsite meetings during Tokyo's Smart Energy Week/Green Transformation Week from February 28 to March 1.

    2024-01-16 12:04
  • EDP Renewables (EDPR), leader in the development of renewable energy worldwide, signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Lhyfe, a producer and supplier of green hydrogen to serve industry and mobility sectors.

    2024-01-25 10:47
  • Reforms to boost investment and strengthen fiscal policy could help turn the tide.

    2024-01-25 10:17
    The World Bank/AICEP
  • Iberojet, an airline from the Ávoris group, will begin direct flights to Mauritius with departures from Portugal and Spain next summer.

    2024-01-25 10:14
  • The Regus brand, that provides premium workspaces worldwide, is strengthening its presence in Portugal. As important business hubs, Lisbon and Porto will soon have a wider range of sophisticated workspaces and meeting rooms, that represent a major factor for attracting multinationals and digital nomads.

    2024-01-25 09:25
  • Applications are now open for the 21st edition of the Prémio BIAL de Medicina Clínica. The deadline for applications is August 31.

    2024-01-25 08:59
  • The 2024 Ocean Decade Conference, hosted by Spain and co-organized with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO), is set to take place from 10-12 April 2024. This event marks the culmination of the Ocean Decade Week, running from 8-12 April, in Barcelona.

    2024-01-24 16:46
  • Mecwide has completed its largest ever project in Angola, a Sonangol gas reception and distribution unit in Zaire province, worth 42.5 million euros, the metalworking company announced on Tuesday January 23.

    2024-01-24 15:04
  • How can US and EU policymakers and companies collaborate to amplify energy transition efforts? Opportunities and risks for Portuguese companies and Portugal took centre stage in the recent AmCham event, held in collaboration with Capgemini, EDP, and Galp.

    2024-01-24 11:45
  • Vision-Box and ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, SA Unveil Groundbreaking "Biometric Experience by VINCI Airports" Program Across Portugal’s Five Biggest Airports.

    2024-01-24 08:22
  • Siemens Portugal won a large contract to export EV chargers to Turkey. Made in Portugal EV chargers will be installed on highways and shopping centers throughout Turkey.

    2024-01-23 16:17
  • APRAM – Administration of Ports of the Autonomous Region of Madeira is part of the SHIFT to Direct Current (SHIFT2DC) research project, which received funding of more than 11 million euros, within the scope of the Horizon Europe Program.

    2024-01-23 11:42
  • The soundtrack for the film “Poor Things”, by Yorgos Lanthimos, composed by Jerskin Fendrix, which includes a Fado performed by Carminho, has been nominated for the Oscars.

    2024-01-23 15:52
  • China Aviation Lithium Battery Technology (CALB) is the promoter of a project for a lithium battery factory in Sines, in the district of Setúbal, which is under public consultation.

    2024-01-22 15:55
  • Hovione Macau was recently awarded the Medal of Merit for Industrial and Commercial Excellence by the Government of Macau, a Special Administrative Region of the People´s Republic of China.

    2024-01-22 11:42
  • An Investment of over 2 billion euros in renewable energy in Portugal and Spain was just announced by Iberdrola and Norges Bank Investment Management. The announcement was made by Iberdrola’s executive chairman, Ignacio Galán, at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

    2024-01-22 11:34
  • Portuguese 3D film director Renato Marques just won an Emmy Award for the TV series For All Mankind Season 3 Experience that is available on Apple TV.

    2024-01-22 11:28
  • TAP Air Portugal and Portugal Jewels have just launched a new jewelry collection. Jewelry inspired by Portuguese tradition will now be available on TAP Air Portugal flights.

    2024-01-22 11:21
  • Recent Economic Developments: an overview.

    2024-01-22 09:16
  • Wind energy production in Portugal reached a new historic high on Tuesday (16 January) at 5:30pm, with a peak of 4,917 megawatts (MW).

    2024-01-19 10:12
  • LVMH announces the launch of the 2024 LVMH Innovation Award, inviting visionary founders to transform the luxury landscape. Founders are encouraged to apply across categories like Omnichannel, Sustainability, AI, and more.

    2024-01-19 09:59
  • As a renowned high-quality porcelain company, Porcel S.A. is gearing up to showcase its latest innovations with the presentation of a new collection at the prestigious Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, taking place from January 26 to 30.

    2024-01-18 16:44

2024-03-05 11:30
Portugal atinge novo recorde de investimento estrangeiro de 3,5 mil milhões em 2023[+]

2024-03-05 11:29
Já está disponível a edição de março da Revista Portugalglobal[+]

2024-03-05 11:22
Webinar para o Lançamento do Global Innovation Challenge Cycle 4 (GIC4)[+]

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