Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Portuguese healthcare group IGHS, which owns Idealmed and is based in Coimbra, Portugal, inaugurated a new private hospital in Oman, on the Arabian Peninsula, an investment of over €100 million.

The Oman International Hospital (OIH) is located in one of the main avenues of the capital of Oman, Muscat, opposite the Great Sultan Qaboos Mosque, was built in an area of over 42,000 square metres (the equivalent of six 11-a-side football pitches), has eight floors and includes “all diagnostic and therapeutic services in the different medical specialities.


Quoted in a press release, José Alexandre Cunha, chairman of the IGHS group, said it was “a source of pride for the company to contribute knowledge of Portugal to a project of this size”.

Cunha highlighted the “fundamental” Portuguese contribution, “from the contemporary and functional architectural design to the latest engineering and technology, through the training of human resources.

He also added that the opening of the OIH “corresponds to the internationalisation strategy of the IGHS Group”, whose commitment to leading hospital projects “is exclusively aimed at the external market”.


According to a statement sent to Lusa, the new hospital has over 250 employees, “among which many Portuguese”, and has 100 inpatient rooms and is prepared to expand to 250 beds.


Amongst various facilities, it has different Intensive Care Units, 41 medical consulting rooms, 73 observation, treatment and examination rooms, five operating theatres and four delivery rooms, an emergency unit, a radiology unit, ‘clinical spa’, restaurants and cafeterias, four laboratories and a research and development department.


“The OIH aims to become a reference centre, capable of providing the best health, diagnostic and therapeutic services, with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and human resources of recognised differentiation, focusing on sharing knowledge,” the statement said.


It added that the Med Academy existing at the OIH “is the result of a partnership with multinational Siemens and will focus on holding international conferences and the exchange of professionals from all over the world, especially from Portugal, in close cooperation with the academic world, implemented through various agreements with teaching and hospital institutions”.

“This is a project that is innovative and disruptive concerning the traditional hospital model. It is geared towards implementing more integrative medicine and towards the institution of personalised treatments”, Cunha said.


The new hospital is the result of an agreement between the IGHS group, SBG – a business group with over 30 companies and 7,000 thousand employees in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, which covers diversified areas ranging from electronics to automobiles, as well as health, agriculture, construction, engineering and telecommunications, among others – and OBIC, a strategic partnership between the Governments of Brunei and Oman, which operates in the investment business in areas of the economy, such as aviation, healthcare and industry, among others.