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The ContiPressureCheck™ system reduces the overall operating costs by automatically controlling the tire pressure of fleet vehicles.

Frotcom is now integrated with Continental's ContiPressureCheck™ system, which allows the monitoring the pressure and temperature of vehicles’ tires.


What are the main benefits for fleet managers?


With this new integration, you will permanently and effortlessly monitor the condition of fleet tires, which translates into several benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs - as maintaining the correct air pressure reduces fuel consumption and the corresponding cost.
  • Increased security and reduced downtime - by avoiding tire-related breakdowns that often lead to vehicle downtimes, job delays, and even accidents.
  • Longer tire life - maintaining the recommended conditions increase each tire's mileage, the value of its casing, and, therefore, its retreadability.
  • An eco-friendly behavior - traveling with the proper tire inflation pressure reduces fuel consumption, tire wear, and CO2 emissions.
  • More freedom for drivers to engage in other activities - since tire pressure monitoring is done automatically, they can spend their time on other equally important activities.