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Glovo will move offices in both Lisbon and Porto in order to respond to this growth. The Portuguese market is in the top 3 in terms of investment by the company.

Glovo will invest €60 million in expanding its delivery operation in Portugal, extending it to another 70 cities. The company also intends to hire 60 employees by the end of the year, reaching 160 workers in the national market. Glovo will change its offices in Lisbon and Porto to respond to this growth. “Portugal is currently in the top three in terms of Glovo’s investment.”


“This new investment, the new offices, the presence in more cities and the increase in the number of employees always have as main focus the goal of being the reference app in Portugal and bring even more convenience to Glovo users,” says Joaquín Vázquez, general manager of Glovo in Portugal, quoted in a press release.


Glovo’s investment plan foresees the enlargement of the service to another 70 cities, reaching a total of 160. The recruitment of 60 people is also foreseen – joining the 30 already hired since the beginning of the year, in areas such as Sales, Brand Marketing Services, Operations, among others – increasing the number of employees in Portugal to 160.

Last year, Glovo expanded to over 40 cities, currently counting more than 8,500 partners, “which represents an increase of 100% in the level of requests in the category of restaurants available, 164% in the category of groceries, 187% in shops and more 95% in health and wellness,” says the company in a press release.


Portugal is in the top three of the Spanish delivery platform’s investments, which recently bought two Portuguese companies, Mercadão and Kitch, to take Portuguese technology and talent to the 25 countries where it is present.