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It began with our natural stoppers, and was then followed by sparkling wine, micro-agglomerate and bartop stoppers. All Amorim Cork product families have now been certified with a statement of their negative carbon balance.

This offers a significant competitive advantage over the competition. The first CO2 certificates for operations were issued six years ago, unprecedented in the industry, and only for the best customers of natural cork stoppers.


The CO2 certificates of operations provides customer with information on the carbon balance of all cork stoppers purchased from Amorim Cork. This project - one of the candidates for the Corticeira Amorim 2020 Sustainability Awards - has a much greater ambition, expanding its reach, relevance and impact. The idea is to leverage this competitive advantage. To achieve this goal, it has been essential to achieve direct involvement of sales teams worldwide, and thousands of customers, in the dissemination of relevant information regarding the contribution to climate regulation - by Amorim Cork and more than 9,000 customers, who are responsible for the viability of forests.


By involving the sales structures in the USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Eastern European markets, it will be possible to share valuable information with customers about the potential for annual CO2 sequestration associated with each of these customers, when they purchase cork products, also including the supporting rationale (available at studies /.


Issuance of these CO2 certificates for operations - it is estimated that 14,000 certificates will be issued this year - allows for a much stronger and wider dissemination of the message of cork’s inherent sustainability, a critical theme for any industry, and highly valued in the wine sector. This is a key point in Amorim Cork’s differentiation and positioning that reinforces its worldwide leadership, as a benchmark for sustainable development issues and a credible partner to help each customer reduce its environmental impact. Customers proudly mark their stoppers with carbon balance data, thereby registering their positive contribution to the planet.