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Air Liquide and Faurecia announced the signature of a joint development agreement to design and produce on-board liquid hydrogen storage systems for the automotive industry. Through this technology partnership, the two companies will accelerate the deployment of zero-emission heavy-duty mobility.

Particularly well-suited for long-haul applications, liquid hydrogen storage for fuel cell vehicles has a key role to accelerate the transition toward carbon neutrality. With this technology, the amount of hydrogen stored is double that of gaseous hydrogen. As a consequence, heavy duty trucks operating on liquid hydrogen have twice the autonomy of those operating on gaseous hydrogen, and benefit from a short refueling time and optimized payload.


The partnership will leverage the companies’ complementary competencies from their respective core businesses which will be fundamental to accelerate the technology’s time-to-market. On one side, Air  Liquide will bring its recognized expertise across the entire liquid hydrogen value chain, including extreme cryogenics, storage technology, refueling interface and infrastructure know-how. On the other side, Faurecia will bring its architecture and systems integration expertise, its recognized skill in automotive testing and simulation, its global automotive industrial know-how and footprint, as well as its strong intimacy with vehicle manufacturers.