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The scale voted the best in the world in recent years in the “Weighing Review Awards” is Portuguese. Produced by Balanças Marques, the BM5 ARM uses the most advanced technologies, which places it at the forefront and distinguishes it among the best scales. Its structure was also developed with the objective of practical and functional use.

The BM5 ARM is much more than a weighing equipment. It is an integrated, technological and original solution, which combines the best mechanics and the best software to weigh, register and invoice products with the greatest efficiency. Based on the latest generation of ARM technology, this scale has a motherboard developed by Balanças Marques and is provided with a Dual Core processor, which it guarantees high performance, speed and robustness.


The dual Touch LCD Display is another of the strengths of the BM5 ARM. For the user, a 15-inch tactile LCD with projected capacitive technology, specially developed for an easy and fast interaction, whether weighing, registering or invoicing products. On the opposite side, a 10-inch LCD for communicating with the customer, with functionalities as useful as displaying advertisements and managing queues.


Emphasis also on the use of linerless technology in printing, an alternative to traditional labeling, being more economical, more ecological and much more practical for day-to-day work, since it eliminates the liner, the paper that comes with the traditional stickers, which means that, with a single roll, the scale can print up to twice as many labels. In addition to having a longer service life, this type of labeling is faster and more efficient, lighter and more compact, while also reducing overall costs. With the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly as well.


The stainless steel construction - which gives the scale greater strength, durability and hygiene -, the built-in scanner, the sliding printing mechanism or the digital level bubble, are other features that make the BM5 ARM a product of excellence and truly differentiating.


Founded in 1967, Balanças Marques is the main player in the Portuguese weighing market and the largest national manufacturer and exporter in the area. In 2021, it was elected, for the second time, the best weighing company in the world at the Weighing Review Awards and since 2014 some of its products have been elected, several times, the best in the world in the categories of best retail scale (BM5 range), best truck scale (PCM M1500) and best weighing software (ETPOS). With headquarters in Braga, Portugal, Balanças Marques has companies in Spain, France, Brazil and China, and exports to dozens of countries all over the world.