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A textile from Vila Nova de Famalicão will launch a sweatshirt which integrates a protective collar into the design.

Speaking to Lusa, Márcia Oliveira said that the idea was to create a sweatshirt that was simultaneously effective, functional and attractive.


“It is a product designed essentially for returning to school. Instead of always having to wear a mask, students will only have to wear a sweatshirt, solving the problem of combining fashion with practicality and safety,” he said.


The collar of the sweatshirt adjusts to the face and adds a nanofiber membrane that, according to Márcia Oliveira, provides a filtration level of 99.9 percent of all microorganisms and dangerous particles present in the air.


The sweatshirt from Famalicão, MO Tex - Márcia Oliveira Têxteis, will be available on the market from the end of September.


The national market is the immediate target, but the company is already “making some contacts” with a view to export, namely to Spain and France.