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Considering four specific indicators - assets, market value, sales and profits -, EDP is the most relevant Portuguese company in 2021, being ranked in the top 500.

EDP, Jerónimo Martins, Galp Energia and BCP are the only Portuguese companies to appear on Forbes’ Global 2000 list in 2021. A list that measured the world’s largest public companies in terms of four equally weighted metrics: assets, market value, sales and profits.


According to Forbes, EDP is the most relevant Portuguese company this year, being ranked in the top 500. With a market value of $23.8 billion and assets of US$52.5 billion, together with sales and profits of US$14.4 billion and US$913.5 million respectively, the company led by Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade was considered the 466th largest public company in the world.


It is followed by Jerónimo Martins, who comes in at 1,297th position in this ranking. Although its sales are higher than EDP’s, at around US$22 billion, Forbes’ list shows lower profits and assets for the company headed by Pedro Soares dos Santos (US$355.8 million and US$11.5 billion, respectively). The market value of the company is also more modest, at US$10.8 billion.


In 1,607th place is Galp Energia. Although it recorded a loss of US$628.1 million, the results achieved by the Portuguese company in other indicators were sufficient to place it in this ranking. Sales are around US$13 billion, assets are US$15.3 billion and the market value is US$9.7 billion.


Finally comes BCP. The bank led by Miguel Maya is ranked 1676th, with the lowest market value and sales of the four Portuguese companies: US$2.1 billion and US$3.3 billion. Registering profits of US$166.4 million, the bank presents itself, within the range of Portuguese companies considered, as the one with the highest value in assets, at US$105.6 billion.