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The Board of Directors of the European Trade Promotion Organisations’ Association announced the rebranding of the Association under the new name: Trade Promotion Europe to reflect its new structure and to position the organisation for new initiatives in the future.

Under its new structure, Trade Promotion Europe (TPE) will establish a permanent mission in Brussels to represent its members’ views to the European institutions. The office will be staffed with a full-time Secretary General. TPE will also begin rolling out new member services aiming to ensure the Association’s sustainability over a longer time horizon.


“We are evolving because we need to grow as an organisation: to serve our members better and to take our Association to the next level. That means adopting a new, more viable structure with permanent staff to manage and sustain our efforts from one year to the next,” said President Tonia Van de Vyver. ”This will allow us to step up as a recognised partner to the European Commission in promoting European trade and participant in Europe’s trade promotion ecosystem.”


Trade Promotion Europe is the voice for Europe’s trade promotion organisations (TPOs) in the implementation of European trade promotion policies. The Association’s mission is to foster dialogue with European institutions, acting as the bridge between them and the members, while also serving as a space for its members to connect and share knowledge and ideas, as well as to promote best practices.


Founded as a voluntary association of 12 TPOs in 2018, Trade Promotion Europe has grown rapidly and now boasts 27 members across Europe. Its members include 18 national TPOs – 17 from EU member states and one from Switzerland – two regional TPOs and seven agrifood promotion organisations.


TPE members are the first point of contact for Europe’s small and medium-sized businesses seeking new markets abroad. They are represented by a network of 86 contact points in their respective national territories, 157 offices within the EU, and more than 450 offices in third countries. TPE members have a combined client data base comprising of almost a quarter of a million companies and each year help serve more than 100,000 companies seeking to export.