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Twintex invests in Virtual Reality as an innovative method to increase its digitalization in the clothing sector.

Due to the pandemic situation that the textile and clothing industry has been overcoming and the need to adapt to current circumstances, the largest clothing company in the Centre of Portugal has recently launched on its digital platforms a 360-degree virtual tour in which is possible to meet its two facilities with a click – Twintex and Logistic Centre as well as the entire Team in operation.


Through this digitalization, it is possible to follow all the production processes from the reception of raw material, cutting, product making, shipping etc. to participating in the creative process of the Team. In addition to its presence on social platforms available to everyone, this project has a version in Oculus GO that offers the user the experience of Virtual Reality within a clothing manufacturer. In this way, the company opens its doors and reinforces its transparency and rapprochement with Consumers, Clients and the Community in which it operates.


Exporter of 100% of its production and producer of the paramount fashion Brands worldwide, Twintex has been implementing new ways of relating to its Clients who are increasingly standing out through the various digital platforms while promoting digitalization in the region.