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Using Frotcom's unique features, the North Macedonian company achieved results above expectations regarding fleet management.

Grdovjanka is a road transport company founded in 1991, which, in 2008, started transporting frozen fruit and vegetables and bought special trucks with coolers. The same year, Grdovjanka was declared the "Best transport company in Macedonia". Today, the company has 26 vehicles equipped with Frotcom.


In the words of Boban Dimitrov, Vehicle Operator at Grdovjanka, "Grdovjanka's main challenge was to find a reliable company that is proven and loyal to its customers, constantly upgrading and moving forward into the future through innovations that come about from clients' requirements."


Frotcom was considered the right choice because it was the only fleet management solution that could meet the Macedonian company's specific requirements, namely:

  • Improve fleet vehicle monitoring;
  • Improve delivery times;
  • Monitor fuel levels and fueling locations;
  • Reduce fleet costs.

The combination of Real-time vehicle tracking, Text communication with drivers, and Tracking tickets helped the company improve fleet monitoring, leading to better communication with drivers and reduced delivery times.


In addition, monitoring the fuel level from the tanks' fuel sensors in the tanks was a plus for the Macedonian road transport company. They can now monitor the fuel level of their vehicles and plan for each vehicle to refuel separately at more affordable fuel stations. Using these Frotcom features has thus allowed the company to achieve significant savings in the fleet, including reducing fuel costs by 10 percent.


Frotcom's Fleet cost management module is also an essential tool for Grdovjanka. They can calculate all the costs for the entire fleet and even confirm where they can reduce some expenses.