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The Algarve region has been voted the 'World’s Leading Beach Destination' for the second year in a row, just a few months after being awarded the same prize at a European level.

After the distinction at a European level, the Algarve has now been voted the best beach destination in the world. It is the second consecutive year that the region receives this award. The announcement was made at the World Travel Awards 2021 final.


The initiative highlights, every year, the best global offers in the tourism and travel sectors and elected the Algarve among a list of 20 nominees, such as the Mexican city of Cancun, Jamaica, the Maldives archipelago, Thailand or Zanzibar, an archipelago in Tanzania.


This achievement comes a few months after the Algarve has been given the same distinction at a European level.


The president of Turismo do Algarve, João Fernandes, says this award confirms the region as a destination whose role and relevance at a global level are today unquestionable. “At a time as important as this, when we are preparing for the recovery of the tourism sector, it is an immense source of pride and also an added responsibility,” he explains in a statement.