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The TINTEX TEXTILES expands the company’s innovative, sustainable portfolio and offers suitable alternatives to animal leather with its unique coating solutions, catering to the Fashion, Accessories, Home Textiles and Automotive markets.

The knits dyeing and finishing specialist, a reference worldwide, aims to disrupt the textile world with the incorporation of agroforestry by-products in its coating formulations, creating a “vegan leather”, similar in look and feel to real animal leather, without the latter’s concerning ecological downsides. In creating these products, pine shell, cork, coffee, sawdust, peppermint and many other discarded plant constituents can be added to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the article, while bolstering circularity.


The coated products can vary in thickness and weight, depending on their final application and function requisites. They can serve as an outer layer for clothes, “fake leather” for bags and shoes, upholstery for sofas, chairs and pillows, and even as wallpaper; these alternative leathers can be waterproof or breathable, malleable or stiff, even colored and texturized.


These products are a result of a mobilizing project within the textile industry (TEXBOOST), concluded at the end of 2020, in collaboration with two companies and three technical and knowledge centers. TINTEX TEXTILES owns the intellectual property of the technology for coating textile substrates incorporating vegetable residues.


This solution is a smart, affordable, scalable and responsible substitute to animal leather, ready for everyday use.