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How can SMEs of the metallurgical cluster contribute to competitiveness and reindustrialization. From AICEP, Philomène Dias as a speaker.

On February 27, at 9am in Portugal, Amarante opens to the rest of Europe and takes the metallurgical industry to discussion at the EU Industry Days 2021.


The conference aims to be a moment of reflection, sharing and discussion regarding the Metal Industry and the future, a key industry for Amarante's economy, guided by the following questions:


· What is the role of industry and, specifically, metal clusters in Europe's competitiveness, and how can these clusters help to build new business ecosystems for emerging industries?

· How can new materials / steel niche segments help in the development of new sustainable products and technologies? 

· What is the role of steel in sustainable construction and construction? 

· What is the role of steel in future of mobility? 

· What is the role of steel at the core of Industry 4.0 technologies?


The conference about “Metallic Materials Revolution - how SMEs in the metallurgical cluster can contribute to competitiveness and reindustrialization”, is organized by the Municipality of Amarante through InvestAmarante, and it will take place on February the 27th, at 9 AM in Portugal (Lisbon Time), to discuss one of the most representative sectors in Amarante: metallomechanics. This event will feature the interventions of speakers with professional experience in the sector, but also in the area of research and investment:


· CEO of FAL (Fundição do Alto da Lixa), Élio Maia:

  "Metal Transformation: a key asset in European territory"


· Professor and Researcher at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto), Rui Calejo

  "The role of steel in sustainable construction"


· IHL Liason Manager of Robocoast/Prizztech, Pirita Ihamäki:

  "Future Factory – Industry 4.0”


· Director of Internal Investment at AICEP Portugal Global, Philomène Dias:

  "Portugal: a key European territory for industrial-based investment"


· Member of the European Parliament (Economic and Monetary Affairs) Lídia Pereira:

  " European economic policies to support the reindustrialisation of Europe ".


This event will be online and it is recommended to register, with live transmission to Facebook and Youtube of InvestAmarante.

Part of the European event EU Industry Days 2021, this conference will be in English. With the organization of this event, the Municipality of Amarante intends to generate discussion and important reflections about the future of industry.