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The Portuguese company CapTemp, temperature solution, is the only European company certified according the norm EN12830: 2018.

CapTemp, a Portuguese company, develops monitoring, supervision and M2M remote control systems with IIoT sensors to ensure the safety of environmentally-sensitive environments as well as managing the consumption of resources such as water, gas and electricity. CapTemp is an Industry 4.0 company using IIoT sensors with various types of protocols such as NB-IoT, LTE-M Cat 1, ISM Band, LORA, Modbus, Profinet, SNMP, Bacnet and KNX.


Pioneer in the development of legal metrology software for temperature monitoring, CapTemp is the first and the only European company that managed to pass all the tests and validations necessary for the certification of its CLOUD solution according to the standard EN12830:2018.


They provide custom remote monitoring and management solutions to a diverse range of industries including healthcare, food & retail, transportation & logistics, agricultural & animal growth, data-canters and business corporations, ensuring data integrity and security as required by the norm EN12830:2018 and the guide Welmec 7.2.


CapTemp has international working relationships with distributor companies in the USA, Australia, France and Spain.

The implemented technologies allow the entire monitoring system to comply with the following standards and regulations:


- Reg. FDA CFR 21 Part 11 – Protection of records and data

- Reg. FDA 21 CFR Part 203 – Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)

- Canada GUI-0069

- European Standard EN12830:2018

- Welmec 7.2 (2017)