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In the town of Mealhada, in the municipality of Aveiro, Rui César, a dentist and entrepreneur, in addition to having already produced olive oil and a hot sauce, is about to launch a gin with raw elements of the olive tree.

Before perfecting the production of a gin, Rui César already showed a taste for creating products. Rui told The Portugal News that Azeite Avó Chica was created in honour of his great-grandmother, who owned several olive groves, while the Chico Esperto hot sauce is also Rui César's idea of ​​a product that is now produced in the Algarve. Work to create Caesar's Gin started in September 2021 and will be released soon. Rui reveals that he and his team are the ones who come up with the recipes. For this gin, the dentist has chosen above all to create “a smooth gin.” Since not everyone knows how to prepare a gin, the idea would be to produce a drink that does not require more than adding ice and tonic water and keeping the drink tasty. The placement of the olive branch aims to create confusion in the person's taste and lead to the drink being tasted again. There is also the objective of being able to integrate gin into cocktails, where gin can be the main ingredient. Rui César works most of his time as a dentist, a job that takes up 12 hours of his day yet he still finds motivation for the projects which he does “not for the money.” The dentist would like to see his name perpetuated by the products he is producing and feel fulfilled for having done so. When asked if he felt that this perpetuation was soon, Rui César admits that it is not expected to happen shortly. With time and the right help, the entrepreneur believes he will be able to achieve his goal. To help his ideas grow, “a distributor” is needed, or something that would help the company grow. At the moment the products are sold in some supermarkets and even in restaurants. However, anyone can purchase the products created by Rui César through the Instagram page @azeiteavochica. Caesar's Gin will be presented on May 25, and Rui César took the time to thank all those who in different ways have helped in the growth of the brand, making it possible to achieve its goals.