Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Intermunicipal Community of the Leiria Region has announced that it has followed the approval of the opinion on the Allocation Plan for Renewable Energy Production in the consultative commission, with warnings for the maintenance of fishing.

According to a press release, CIMRL followed the final opinion of the consultative committee on the Renewable Energy Production Allocation Plan (CC-PAER), approved by a majority of other intermunicipal communities and metropolitan areas.


As “priority” recommendations, CIMRL asks for guarantees so that historical and traditional fishing areas (arte Xávega) are not harmed by the installation of the offshore wind farm off Figueira da Foz.


This infrastructure has “the largest dimension in terms of installed power (4GW)”, covering “a total area of more than 1325 km2 and, consequently, generates greater impacts on the environment and on other activities present at sea and on land”.


“Intermunicipal communities and metropolitan areas are very concerned about the negative impacts on the economic activity of fishing (…) with the guarantee of implementing measures to make fishing activities compatible with the existence of wind farms”, the document reads.


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