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After 13 successful editions dedicated to technology, entrepreneurship, digital innovation, economic development, and sustainability, Quidgest, a multinational technology company of Portuguese origin, pioneer in the automatic generation of software, is preparing to present the 14th edition of the Q-Day Conference, an annual event that this year delves into the realm of “Generative Artificial Intelligence” for debate and will take place on September 19, at Culturgest, in Lisbon.

This theme holds more significance than merely setting the agenda for 2023. It stands as a culmination of the pioneering endeavors undertaken by experts, teams, and organizations, who have diligently worked in this field for decades. Today, they bear witness to the emergence of a new era, where unparalleled algorithmic approaches, computational power, and novel forms of creativity, collaboration, and innovation converge.


The event will showcase the 360º vision of these software development experts, who are trailblazing toward novel technological horizons and facilitating digital transformation across sectors like public service, education, healthcare, banking, retail, logistics, energy, telecommunications, and marketing, among numerous others.


This year's Q-Day will also discuss a future in which the talent competition will no longer be waged between humans and machines, but rather among professionals who possess the knowledge (or lack thereof) of harnessing Generative AI to their advantage. This advantage may involve crafting innovative digital solutions, curating personalized content, generating new art forms, propelling scientific research, or formulating business strategies. All of this is achieved in an automated manner, utilizing fewer resources traditionally required, at an exponentially accelerated pace, yielding outcomes that defy conventional expectations.


The program includes four thematic panels, the first two conducted in Portuguese and the last two in English:


·        Panel 1 (PT): Empowering Positive Change with Global Purpose | 9:30 am

The panel will delve into the transformative potential of Generative AI in addressing the most pressing global challenges, fostering inclusion, and driving sustainable innovation. Participants will discover how organizations can effectively harness the power of AI to drive positive change while maintaining their ethical principles and responsible use of emerging technologies - towards a world with less disparity and a brighter future.


·        Panel 2 (PT): A New Generation of Public Services| 11:00 am

This panel will delve into how Generative AI is already revolutionizing public policy-making processes, leading to better service delivery to citizens and enabling more efficient and effective government operations. The discussion will also share different perspectives and experiences, revealing some of the myriad possibilities that Generative AI offers to drive innovation and the success of public sector digital solutions.


·        Panel 3 (EN): Transforming Business and Scaling Success | 2:30 pm

This panel will showcase success stories and practical advice from experts who will share first-hand the tangible benefits of integrating Generative AI into business operations. Aimed at both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals, this panel will provide valuable insights that will enable participants to drive sustainable business growth to new heights.


·        Panel 4 (EN): Reshaping the Future of Work and Skills | 4:30 pm

The panel will reveal how Generative AI is transforming traditional skills, roles, and responsibilities while opening new horizons for unprecedented business opportunities. It will also hear from women leaders who have harnessed the power of Generative AI to drive change, stimulate innovation and break down barriers in their respective fields.


For more information about the event and to register, please visit the official website here.