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With the implementation of Frotcom's advanced fleet management solution, DHL Kosovo gained the ability to monitor driver tasks and exercise greater control over its fleet's fuel consumption.

Since several drivers share the same vehicles in DHL Kosova's fleet, Frotcom's Automatic driver identification was crucial for the company to identify who is driving the vehicles and monitor its drivers' tasks. To this end, each driver is given an RFID card to identify themselves before starting a new trip. The data is then sent to Frotcom's Data Center. 

Moreover, by using Fuel management and collecting data from CANBus, DHL Kosova can track its fleet's daily, weekly, and monthly fuel consumption. This feature collects data on various parameters, including fuel levels, total fuel consumed, engine temperature, and RPMs. According to the company, using Frotcom has increased fuel efficiency, as the company can now successfully monitor its fleet's fuel consumption. 

"Frotcom is to be commended, as it allowed us to achieve all our fleet management goals. Thanks to Frotcom, we have a more optimized fleet and greater control over fuel consumption and all fleet operations", said Fatmir Gashi, DHL Kosova's Road Transport Manager.