Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Energy Starter is EDP's open innovation programme that seeks out fast-growing startups and scaleups from around the world with the most disruptive solutions. The aim of the program is to accelerate development in the areas of networks, renewables, green hydrogen, mobility and customer solutions.

Applications for the first module of the 8th edition of EDP's open innovation program focused on the electric grids of the future are open and running until 24 September. To apply, simply submit your project via the Energy Starter website.


After the evaluation period, which includes an online pitch, the companies selected in this first track will then take part in a bootcamp, which will take place in Santander, Spain, between 28 and 30 November. During these days, participants will have the opportunity to present their solutions and discuss it with various EDP specialists from different business units and geographies with the aim of accelerating the co-development of pilot projects and deals.


The participant startups will also have contact with a large group of mentors and experts who, in addition to supporting the development of tests together with EDP, will provide relevant feedback to improve their solutions and business. Additionally, they will have access to potential financial support and the experience and networking of EDP Ventures.


EDP is looking for companies and new solutions that contribute to more efficient, flexible, and reliable energy networks. Through partnerships with startups and scaleups in this area, the aim is to introduce innovation into existing infrastructures and to explore new paths for growth. EDP therefore presents the six main challenges to which the projects must respond:

  • Vegetation Management: New solutions to enhance the efficiency of data collection and processing for vegetation management in overhead powerlines;
  • Asset Management: Technology solutions and models that improve the monitorization and prevention of potential failures in network assets;
  • Grid Flexibility: Solutions that enable the DSOs to connect demand with flexibility providers and enable its monitoring and activation;
  • Safety and Health: Solutions to apply in the work field by, for example, mitigating over-exertion, improving data collection, implementing security validations, etc;
  • Environmental Impact: Equipment aimed at mitigating the impact of grids by diminishing carbon emissions and minimizing the reliance on fluorinated greenhouse gases (SF6);
  • Client Journey 2.0: Reimagine the user experience with DSOs by leveraging digital solutions such as generative AI, virtual agents, digital authentication, etc.

Open to all geographies, Energy Starter is looking for the most innovative and disruptive projects that promote new solutions to accelerate the energy transition. In addition to this first innovation module, dedicated to Future Grids, the program includes two more tracks: one on Renewable energy & Green Hydrogen and a final one on Client Solutions & Mobility. The program closes with a global Open Day event where the solutions developed in the different modules and the multiple challenges generated will be shared with the innovation ecosystem.


The last seven editions of Energy Starter have enabled EDP to select 183 startups from 27 countries, jointly developing 70 pilot projects and 27 rollouts. These have already begun to reshape the energy landscape, with projects that involved a total investment of €23 million. Through this program, EDP promotes innovation through strategic collaboration and reaffirms its commitment to developing sustainable technologies.


You can find more information on Energy Starter on the program's official website.