Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Portuguese consortium led by Grupo Ramos Ferreira, also composed of the Vieira Lopes/Ocram companies, will be part of the construction of the world's largest telescope, located in Chile: the "ELT (Extremely Large Telescope)". The consortium will be responsible for detailed design execution, BIM engineering, supply and assembly of HVAC mechanical facilities and temperature control, compressed air, and fire safety systems.

The telescope will feature the most advanced cutting-edge technologies, making it a project with high complexity and demands. It will incorporate sustainable solutions with a nearly 20 million euros global contract value. It will have a pioneering optical design with five mirrors, allowing it to unveil the universe in great detail.


The consortium has the support of Millennium BCP Bank, which will provide financial support for the operation, a bank also of Portuguese DNA.


For this project, the consortium aims to involve more Portuguese partners, manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors, providing an opportunity to showcase the quality of Portuguese engineering and production.