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Luz Saúde was elected Medical Provider of the Year 2022 by the journal of reference for international health and travel insurances.

Luz Saúde, through its Hospital da Luz network, received the ITIJ award as Medical Provider of the year 2022. This is the first time that a Portuguese institution was distinguished by the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ), the world reference publication for international travel and health insurance companies.


The ceremony announcing the recipients of the awards took place in Athens on October 27 during the annual global congress of the International Travel & Health Insurance Conferences (ITIC Global), which gathers around a thousand professionals of travel and health insurance companies from all over the world each year. Promoted by ITIC, the ITIJ awards selected 21 organizations, distributed by seven categories, as finalists for the awards. Just 7 companies received awards, 1 for each category, with Luz Saúde selected in the category of Medical Provider of the Year 2022, sponsored by Healix International.


In the award delivery, the jury emphasized that Luz Saúde “submitted a very strong application that clearly demonstrated how they have differentiated themselves from other providers in this area (in working with international payers and their beneficiaries), not only in the support they developed for international patients' needs, but also in adapting services during the COVID-19 pandemic (for access by international clients)”.


Eve Jokel, Head of  International Patient Services  at  Luz Saúde, received the award and thanked ITIJ for the distinction: “It was a great honour to receive this award on behalf of Luz Saúde and Hospital da Luz because it confirms the value of our work in guaranteeing access and overcoming language and cultural barriers for international clients, and thus, fulfilling our service promise to international insurers and assistance companies. This award affirms and distinguishes Luz Saúde as a company that is trusted to deliver quality care through our healthcare units with high levels of satisfaction, as well as to achieve successful and productive collaborations with diverse client groups.”

International Patient Services of Luz Saúde:

  • Manages a comprehensive program of communication support in health care, available in 27 hospitals and clinics of Hospital da Luz network;
  • Guides the path of international clients in the units, from the choice of doctor to hospital discharge and follow-up;
  • Is the main point of contact for international insurance and assistance companies;
  • Has available several tools and resources, such as communication guides in different languages.
  • Promotes to local international expat communities about the support and services available in the Hospital da Luz network for international clients.

Luz Saúde has been developing an intensive work to facilitate access and communication for international clients in the Hospital da Luz network for the last decade, resulting in a robust offer for international clients, who are now present at their highest levels ever in Portugal. From language banks in the hospitals to hundreds of translated documents, to digital services such as the Hospital da Luz sites and the MY LUZ app (the clients’ personal online area) clients easily work with full English versions, especially designed for international citizens visiting or living in Portugal.


Most recently, LUZ 24, the Hospital da Luz free nurse triage line for urgent cases, began offering assistance in English. In addition, the growing area of video consultations are also available in English, currently offered in over 40 specialities, as well as urgent video consultations for adults and children.