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The app that facilitates electric vehicle charging will be available in 3,000 Spanish charging stations by the end of this year.

Miio has entered the Spanish market. The Portuguese mobile application to make charging electric vehicles easier can already be used in 120 stations as of this Friday – including the superchargers of the Ionity network. The number will grow to 3,000 chargers by the end of this year.


The solution serves Portuguese people travelling to the neighbouring country and Spanish residents using electric vehicles. Digital charging and automatic payment are Miio options that are now available in the Spanish market.


“What we intend with this new step from Miio is to take to Spain what we believe we already do well in Portugal: simplicity and confidence to travel in an electric vehicle. The European electric mobility market is highly fragmented and quite different from the Portuguese one, and our goal is to provide a better experience for the consumer, regardless of their nationality or place of origin,” highlights the company’s CEO and co-founder, Daniela Simões.


To use the application, it is necessary to go to a petrol station with your electric vehicle. On the spot, after selecting the station and the socket you want to use, you have to click on “start”.


Team to grow

Currently with 16 employees, Miio’s team will have at least four more members by the end of this year – the number of hires could be increased.


“” The team’ s reinforcement is essentially for the engineering and marketing team, and we are also reinforcing the team so that we can build the community in the target countries, meaning that we want to speak the native language of each one and not just English”, an official source from the Aveiro company told ECO.


The Miio team will continue to work remotely because the talent sought “is also spread around the country and the world”.