Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The EMS Personal20 franchise signed this week the promissory contract for one more studio for northern Portugal.

The new electrical muscle stimulation studio will open in Vila Nova de Famalicão, in the Braga district, with investment by the entrepreneur Marco Nunes, who after 27 years in Switzerland, returns to Portugal.


The signing of this contract, which took place in Geneva, during the presentation of the Global Diaspora Network at the facilities of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, was attended by the Secretary of State of the Portuguese Communities, Berta Nunes, the Ambassador of Portugal in Switzerland, António Ricoca Freire, the Permanent Representative of Portugal to the United Nations, Ambassador Rui Macieira, the Secretary-General of the Swiss-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gregor Zemp, the Delegate of AICEP in Switzerland, Ana Maria Rosas and the Executive Director of the AEP Foundation, Paulo Dinis.


In her speech, the Secretary of State presented several ways in which the Portuguese state supports emigrants who wish to return to Portugal. In response to Berta Nunes' question about the reason for choosing a Portuguese franchise, the future owner of Personal20 Famalicão, Marco Nunes, stated that he intends to launch it in Portugal after having tried and verified the results in a competitor in Switzerland and having investigated the several Muscular Electro-Stimulation franchises.


In turn, the CEO of Personal20, Pedro Ruiz, thanked the AICEP, Portugal2020, the Portuguese embassies, SECP/GAID and the Global Diaspora Network, for their help in the internationalization of Personal20, mentioning that this is already the second Personal20 owned by a returned emigrant from Switzerland, with the first being the Personal20 located in Braga. Pedro Ruiz lifts the veil by stating that "more will come" since franchising is a great solution for the Portuguese who in Switzerland are used to a much higher standard of living than in Portugal and who could not maintain as employees in their homeland.


The opening of this new space in Portugal is planned for January 2022.