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A look at Thursday's major share movers on the London Stock Exchange.

Cannabis shares Cellular Goods PLC and Kanabo Group PLC continued to show more than mere green shoots of growth for shareholders, rising more than 6% and 1.5% respectively.


Fastforward Innovations Ltd, a backer in the fervent floats of both shares in recent weeks, this morning revealed quickfire returns on investment.


The investment group realised gains of 315% and 223% respectively as it sold its entire shareholdings – having previously been disappointed by smaller than hoped for holdings in both, as the IPO’s of each were significantly oversubscribed.


Following a stellar start to publicly traded life for both, FFWD’s share sales provide a £194,414 gross profit on funds committed in late February and early March.


It comes on the back of FFWD’s record £1.9mln investment profit, announced on Wednesday, as it agreed to sell out of another cannabis play under the influence of regulatory factors – created by looming acquisition of the investee by a North American group with interest that include recreational cannabis products.