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Dairy based in Mangualde renews the BRC Certification obtained in 2021, remaining the sole dairy in Portugal with the most demanding certification in the Food Industry.

Vale da Estrela Dairy, based in Mangualde, in the heart of Estrela Mountain, founded by Jorge Coelho in order to support the preservation of an authentic and ancient product and to value the cheese production and the inland of Portugal, informs that renewed the BRC Certification (British Retail Consortium), one of the most demanding quality and safety food certifications worldwide.


With the commitment to seek excellence in the production of a unique handmade product such as Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese, rendering an additional guarantee to its clients with this certification from an independent entity, Vale da Estrela Dairy renews this award following a highly demanding inspection process; Vale da Estrela Dairy remains, since 2021, the sole Dairy in Portugal to receive this BRC certification, confirming, to national and international clients, the quality of a company that currently exports to Spain, France, Luxembourg, Poland and Estonia.