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Production of wine in Beira Interior should see a 15% increase against 2022 with very high quality, the Viticulture Commission president told Lusa.

“We’re waiting for a very good year in terms of both quality and quantity, in which we’re expecting around a 15% increase relative to last year,” Rodolfo Queirós, president of the Beira Interior Region Viticulture Commission (CVBRI).


Rodolfo Queirós pointed to the region having “very safe grapes” and that “it isn’t by chance that Beira Interior has over a thousand acres of biological production.”


“We have unique conditions to produce grapes with little treatment and, as such, biological wines are growing a lot. We’re expecting very high quality,” he explained.


The CVRBI president estimated the region produces 23 million kilos of grape in this campaign, remembering that in 2022 “there was a collapse mainly due to extreme drought.”


“We had collapses mainly because of water shortage. This year, despite there being very high temperatures, I’d say we’re in a normal production year. Not an extraordinary year, but one that’s been within expectations,” he added.


Rodolfo Queirós reiterated that “as the saying goes, until the basket is clean it’s grape harvest.”


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