Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Maisons Julien and Kelly Dassault (MJKD) finalized a seed investment in JAK to reinforce the sneakers company to scale internationally with bricks and mortar opening in European capitals.

JAK intends to consolidate the team in Lisbon, Portugal, and globally develop the brand experience with exclusive store designs. Online presence will be boosted in key European markets where JAK holds a growing market share, such as the UK, Germany and France. The US, representing 25% of JAK’s exports, will continue to remain a pillar of the company's strategy and development. MJKD, specialized in seed rounds, will bring in expertise in strategy, finance, marketing and communication. JAK’s commitment to sustainability will be the third growth pillar with the development of a vegan line of products (first Vegan S01 released in 2022 in apple leather).

JAK is a Portuguese direct to consumer high-end sneaker brand founded in 2014 by Isabel Henriques da Silva and José Maria Reóios. JAK produces its shoes exclusively in Portugal, in family-owned factories, thriving for the highest standards in materials and craftsmanship with a clear long-term objective: To defy the way businesses in this sector usually operate, not following seasons or sales, but creating timeless, genderless pieces that guarantee mindful satisfaction, as opposed to mindless consumerism.

JAK has systematically shown 2 digits growth since 2014. In 2022, online sales represent 62% of the total revenue, while exports represent 95% of this, with the US (25%), UK (23%) and Germany (13%) leading. Today, JAK has over 15.000 faithful customers in 102 countries, that represent 34% of the online revenue for 2022, coming across and a trustable brand that is renowned for its products’ quality.

Maisons Julien and Kelly Dassault, a group focused on impact investments and purpose driven strategies, supports founders endorsing an ethical charter highlighting their will to improve people's daily life, enforce social bonds and include sustainability in their strategy. MJKD is building an ambitious ecosystem in bridging and identifying synergies in its entrepreneurial network that share the same values. The Group is already part of projects like Kineis, French Tech Next40, Voltaire ebike, Hexagone Software, housing access solutions SmartGarant and Commune Coliving, organic personal care Jho, fintech Diversified, Trajan supporting small caps in France or the technologies for tomorrow retails through C4 Ventures.