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Two of the winning collections came from designers with no fashion background. First-place winner, José Sabral, who calls his new brand Paatiff, has a background in architecture, as did the second-place winner, Matilde Mariano, whose brand is called Molnm. Both are from Portugal.

Fashion is among the many industries rushing to explore ways in which the new crop of generative-AI tools could be useful. Because of the technology’s ability to quickly generate high-quality imagery, design is one of the applications where it could have the greatest impact. Brands such as Collina Strada and Heliot Emil are among those already testing the tools.


But in Abbasi’s view, one of the key learnings from AI Fashion Week is that the technology can also allow people who don’t necessarily have training in fashion to produce innovative designs.


“You need vision, you need creativity and then you need to learn the tools,” he said.


Revolve and Maison Meta are now preparing for the next AI Fashion Week, set to take place in two parts: The first will run from November 16 to 19 in conjunction with the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan; the second will see the event return to New York from November 30 to December 1.


Revolve will again produce items from the winning collections of the design competition as physical garments, though there will be five winners chosen rather than just three, according to Maison Meta.