Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Navigator Company and Hamburg-based developer P2X-Europe have decided, subject to the approval of the relevant anti-trust authorities, to create a unique and powerful joint venture, P2XPortugal, to develop a world-class production facility for industrial-scale production of non-fossil jet fuels or e-SAFs (e-Sustainable Aviation Fuels) – carbon-neutral synthetic kerosene, based on green hydrogen and biogenic CO2.

This project leverages on Portugal's highly competitive renewable energy sources and on biogenic CO2 generated by Navigator's biorefineries using sustainable forests, which together constitute the two critical elements for the successful production of net-zero synthetic feedstocks for the chemical industry and jet fuels on an industrial scale, fostering the decarbonization of the aviation industry.


The JV is tapping into the extensive know-how of P2X-Europe, a global pioneer in PtL (Power-to-Liquids) project development and technology configuration and its parent companies’ H&R Group and Mabanaft market expertise in waxes for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and in liquid fuels.


Furthermore, the quality of the JV builds on Navigator’s vast industrial operational experience in biorefinery plants and forestry capabilities. P2X-Portugal is a determined agile frontrunner well on course to become an international reference for the market introduction and commercialization of innovative synthetic aviation fuel products at scale.


Portugal is in a unique position to become a hub to produce green hydrogen derivatives such as synthetic jet fuels, creating jobs and securing a leading role in establishing an entirely new industry based on renewable energy and sustainable forests as the underlying source of biogenic carbon, which will be key in driving decarbonization towards net-zero.


The establishment in Navigator’s Figueira da Foz site marks a key milestone for Portugal and Europe on the road towards building up a fully integrated eSAF ecosystem, as well as demonstrating a sustainable approach to the decarbonization of the aviation sector