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The 13th SYMPOSIUM OF BIAL FOUNDATION "BEHIND AND BEYOND THE BRAIN - The mystery of time" will be held from the 6th to the 9th of April at Casa do Médico - Porto.

The 13th Symposium of the BIAL Foundation “Behind and Beyond the Brain” gathers some of the most prominent scientists and philosophers to engage in a resolutely interdisciplinary dialogue around the many aspects of time: Its very nature, which physicists continue debating; the subjective feelings its passage elicits in humans and other animals; the fundamental questions it is associated with, such as the thorny problem of causality.


The Symposium will open on April 6th with an evening lecture by TED-speaker Anil Seth (Sussex, UK), who will explore what we know about the perception of time in humans, brains and in machines, highlighting the idea that the brain is a “prediction machine”.


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