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The construction of an all new e-bike and bicycle facility will increase Incycles capacity to no less than 180,000 units. Last April, the company already opened an 13,000 square meter warehouse in the Portuguese city Barro.

Anticipating on an expanding e-bike market, Incycles invested in more capacity. “We expect to invest approximately 2.5 million euro in the next two years,” said Incycles Lda general manager, Rui Conceicao.


“With this investment in machinery we will improve our production processes and make the company future proof. All new wheel building machinery and painting gives us the opportunity to provide our customers the highly preferred maximum flexibility.”


150,000 e-bikes per year

With the investment program, Incycles will grow its capacity to 130,000 e-bikes and 50,000 regular bikes per year.


Currently Incycles runs three e-bike assembly lines and one for regular bicycles. Next to its focus on OEM assembly, Incycles also distributes its own brand, Eleven, on the European market.