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The Bio360 Expo 2024 - Accelerating the Biotransition will be held from the 24th to the 25th of January in Nates, France.

Bio360 Expo is the must-GO-to international meeting point for those committed to accelerating the Biotransition. It is where multidisciplinary expertise and international collaboration combine, where those who are developing and deploying the urgently needed solutions to the biggest challenge of our time, of our history, converge to lay out their vision and showcase their achievements.


The shared conviction and unswerving resolve being to transition us away from our fossil dependance to a world where atmospheric CO2 is reduced to safe levels and carbon circulates freely and renewably within the biosphere, atmosphere and technosphere.

Our energy and material needs met, circularity and sustainability exemplified.


Hosting Bioenergy, Biomaterials, Beccus and Biochar, Bio360 Expo in a nutshell brings together 5000 participants from 40 countries, close to 500 exhibitors from 5 continents, welcomes more than 200 international conference speakers across 7 conference tracks to form the reference event for the Biotransition.


Catch up on our latest news below, as the ball gathers pace for the next edition of Bio360 Expo, 24-25 January 2024 at the Expo Park in Nantes.


A freely accessible and exceptionally rich international conference programme of over 200 speakers, spanning 7 tracks covers the complete Biotransition sectoral spectrum. Some of the many speaker highlights include :


SBI Bioenergy (us): from bioethanol to biohydrogen

Khimod (fr): biogenic CO2 to e-fuels

Clean SparkTechnologies (fr): plasmalysis from biogas to biohydrogen

Stiesdal CleanSky (dk): from digestate to energy and biochar

CCm Technologies (uk): transforming biogenic CO2 into fertilizer

NeuStark (ch): from biogenic CO2 to concrete

KBR (uk) - Swedish Biofuels (se) : biogenic alcohol to SAFs

European Energy (dk) : biogenic CO2 to e-methanol

Organic Fuel Technology (dk): biomass microwave cracking to biofuels & biochar

BWE (dk): straw-to-energy conversion

Hysytech (it) : biomethane to biohydrogen

Ecolocked (de) : biochar to concrete

Global Bioénergies (fr) : agri-residues to SAFs

Avantium (nl) : biogenic CO2 to biochemcials and biomaterials

Envitec : biogas to bioLNG


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