Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Association of Portuguese Travel Bloggers (ABVP) announced on Tuesday an initiative to help relaunch tourism in Portugal, preparing to take 46 of its members to visit several regions of the country.

The operation, which will cover 18 districts of mainland Portugal as well as the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira, will, according to the BVP, be carried out “in a coordinated manner and simultaneously, to enhance the country as a destination of excellence”.


“It is our humble contribution to the relaunch of tourism in Portugal, especially in the so-called low-density territories, where the activity of small owners of rural tourism businesses and restaurants, for example, has a great impact on local economies,” Filipe Morato Gomes, president of the association and author of the blog ‘Alma de Viajante’ explained in a statement.


According to the ABVP, the initiative will “avoid the district capitals, focusing on the promotion of the beauties of towns, villages, islands and natural parks in Portugal”, with each blogger choosing a distinct region to visit, on which he/she will produce “unpublished content, revealing historical, cultural, natural, architectural or gastronomic attractions”.


“The ABVP believes in the immense potential of joint action among travel bloggers, as the combined audience of ABVP members reaches millions of readers (potential tourists), mostly Portuguese. Thousands of publications on social networks and at least a hundred unpublished articles on Portugal are expected to be published in the blogs”.


According to the ABVP managers, the initiative will take place “as soon as it is possible to travel”, and the contents produced are expected to be part of a book of travel chronicles dedicated entirely to Portugal, which will be launched next year.


“More than ever, this is the time to look at Portugal, an exciting country with a great diversity of attractions for those who love to explore, ‘breathe’ to travel. By doing so, we feel we are contributing to the recovery of the economy, knowing the importance of tourism in the GDP”, added Rui Barbosa Batista, vice-president of the ABVP and author of the blog ‘Bornfreee’.