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Vision-Box, the global leader in biometric-based travel solutions, has unveiled at the Dubai Airshow a groundbreaking solution which is set to define the future of the aviation industry. The 'Free Flow' technology was successfully showcased at the Dubai Airshow, and it is poised to transform the travel experience worldwide: seamless, contactless and on-the-move, without the traditional queuing found at standard barriers. 

Passengers will be able to arrive at the airport with clearance to travel, they will breeze through the terminals using biometrics through corridors, integrated with a newly designed and advanced camera system as well as with a passenger guidance configuration. This solution eliminates the need for the traditional narrow and gated access controls, which cause queues and passenger frustration.  


‘Free Flow’ replaces gated access with smart and wider corridors with AI-based image processing and tracking technology deployed.  A risk-based passenger profiling platform will allow airlines, airports and border forces to configure their preferred workflow and passenger status in advance. This will move the time-consuming transactions away from the actual checkpoints.  Vision-Box’s Mobile SDK, which was showcased as well, will significantly contribute by enabling the passenger’s experience.  The resulting app removes bottlenecks away from the airports, considering that check-in, document checks and enrollments can be made before the journey on a passenger’s phone. Speed is of the essence for the ‘Free Flow’ experience. 


The underlying Seamless Journey Platform  allows for the separation of airline transactional processing with passenger identification. This combines further innovative technologies to optimize the workflow, such as; smartphone biometric registration with consented data usage, dynamic customer status updates, mobile customer activation and notifications, soft-boarding and fast on-the-move biometric capture and identification.   


In a ‘Free Flow’ transaction, travellers are allowed to navigate through an airport seamlessly, enhancing the flying experience and removing the need to present physical documents or boarding passes. 


The introduction of this innovative solution offers a multitude of benefits that prioritize efficiency, security, and convenience for passengers and stakeholders alike. By investing in advanced image-capture, pax-processing technologies and free-flow biometrics; the airlines, airports, and government entities can increase the level of automation and improve operational performance while delivering secure and fast passenger experiences. This has been a persistent request from the industry and our partners. Additionally, with passenger consent, travel stakeholders can use passenger data and event or status tracking to significantly optimize their existing cost structures and generate new and more valuable revenue streams.  


The incorporation of mobile experiences, orchestrated journeys and ‘Free Flow’ solutions that are integrated with AI biometrics and machine learning image processing is the future.  This future also recognises the threats from bad actors, we protect ‘Free Flow’ by deploying highly accurate presentation attack detection algorithms, utilizing the highest standards of security and privacy. This initiative, with a strong emphasis on the strategic utilization of consented data, facilitates an expanded usage for integrated passenger processing, thereby amplifying the overall user experience and fostering an interconnected data ecosystem between trusted stakeholders, including the passenger.