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An award-winning Portuguese chocolate Vinte Vinte, has expanded its distribution and is now available in the UK from this month, writes Neill Barston.

Produced in the historic centre of  Vila Nova de Gaia, there are four ranges of artisanal, ethically sourced bars and products, with 25 different products to discover.


Soon to launch in selected specialist stores across London and the UK, Vinte Vinte will first be available exclusively at Cocoa Runners, with the Cacao Intensity and Grand Cru ranges available from July 2022.

Vinte Vinte is comprised of four different lines of high-quality artisanal chocolate, ‘Classic’, ‘Fusion’, ‘Cacao Intensity’ and ‘Grand Cru’.


There is something for every level of chocolate connoisseur – the Classic range for chocolate purists, to the Fusion range, bursting with surprising flavours such as Extra Chilli and Saltflower, all using the best quality ingredients.


The range also includes chocolate selection boxes, Bonbons, tins of Classic Truffles, Port Wine Truffles, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Powder, classic Chocolate Bars and Vinte Vinte’s one of a kind product – Chocolate and Port Wine paring gift boxes.


Master Chocolate Maker, Pedro Araújo, who is responsible for crafting and developing the brand, often quotes an English saying that “chocolate and Port Wine are a match made in heaven”. Vinte Vinte puts this theory into practice, with the creation of four heavenly combinations.


The Vinte Vinte and Port Wine Harmonisation box is a unique pairing experience of four delicious chocolate flavours, perfectly harmonised with four Port Wines that best complement each chocolate’s characteristics and aromas.


Vinte Vinte also features two unique ‘bean-to-bar’ ranges. The ‘Cacao Intensity’ range is made from single origin cacao beans, whilst ‘Grand Cru’ is a single plantation, single harvest, single variety chocolate, a true grand cru.


Pedro Araújo explains why the name Vinte Vinte was chosen: “Cacao trees are born, above all in a circumscribed territory of the planet, the so-called ‘cacao belt’, which is an area precisely twenty degrees north and twenty degrees south of the Equator. It is produced entirely in Vila Nova de Gaia with carefully chosen cacao that has been harvested from the best terroir”.


Visitors to Porto’s Cultural District are now able to watch the chocolate being produced and packaged in the Chocolate Story museum experience and Chocolate Factory.


“We have nothing to hide; the whole factory is open to those visiting the Cultural District, so they can follow the bean-to-bar process in real time”, adds Araújo of the fast-rising series.