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Minority Denim, based in the north of Portugal, a denim lab and dyeing company, is pleased to announce the BioTint concept and the Tech on Textile, a dye and inovatives denim washes techniques that will make a difference to the fashion world.

Relatively to Tech on Textile it is dedicated to sharing the know-how with its customers in order to increase the positives impacts of the industry. In the BioTint it offers the production service to their clients in order to fully guarantee the veracity of the process.


The BioTint concept, born after a few years of research and with the aim of creating an alternative to the market, a new garment dyeing technology, 100% made in Portugal. This dyeing process is certified by SGS as 100% natural and organic. In order to guarantee the dying quality control and its sustainable philosophy, Minority Denim is available to carry out productions in its facilities.


BioTint's assumption is to generate a circular economy, that is, organic matter is collected that would otherwise go to waste, attributing a value to the producer. Then all the residues originating from the dyeing go into a compost, which will serve to fertilize the land.


Tech On Textile, aimed at Denim fabric, consists on the development of ecological and sustainable washes, with reduced use of chemical products or even without chemicals, low consumption of water and energy, with an attractive look at the level of a conventional wash and equally important, with no impact on the health of operators and technicians during procedures.


This concept is made through the use of state-of-the-art technology and based on nano particles, ozone finishings and others, causing the expense in terms of resources to be reduced exponentially.


Minority Denim believes that with its vision of the industry is truly making a contribution to a better world. The company's motto is sustainability and corporate social responsibility, where it feels positive and excited about the future, continuing in constant research to find new solutions for both concepts.