Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Among the technology companies interested in opening offices in Porto, those in the areas of video games, insurance and banking stand out, due to the new trends in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

"The city of Porto is now recognized as an important technological center in Europe. Its ability to attract companies directly or indirectly and to grow those that are already here is unquestionable.” Ricardo Valente added the city's capabilities in attracting both new and established companies is undeniable and shared that discussions are underway with at least three technology companies regarding investment projects in the city. Some are making their initial venture into Porto, while others are boosting their existing investments.

The city councillor notes that the arrival of these companies in Porto is done in a context of "competition with other cities" and that, on average, ten new firms arrive in the city every year. The volume of job creation is such that "two of them are in the top 10 largest employers" in the city.