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Auchan Retail Portugal has announced the renewal of the 'SmartFarmer' marketplace, aimed at local producers and focused on the direct marketing of agri-food products.

The retailer has embarked on the project in collaboration with Portuguese NGO Oikos – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento.

The main aim of this initiative is to support small and medium-sized producers and farmers, leveraging their sales, through an online platform, and creating relationships of proximity and transparency with consumers, supported by a strong network of local partners.


Direct And Indirect Sales


The marketing of products through this platform is undertaken both through direct sales from the producer to the consumer, or via indirect sales, through an intermediary.


The system enables supply and demand to be aggregated by physical proximity – from the closest to the farthest – and access to information on the production method of the food products, along with certifications.


Local Producers


In recent years, Auchan has strengthened its relationship with local producers, who produce more than 700 of the SKUs sold in its stores.


Most of the fresh products on sale are Portuguese, while around 90% of purchases are made from national suppliers.

According to the retailer, this approach ‘guarantees customers the freshest and highest-quality products', as well as the supply of items with a 'local identity or recipe, allowing them to taste what is typical of their region.’


Auchan Retail Portugal has offered free training to local producers as part of its actions to support partners, helping them to improve and grow their businesses.