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LUGGit, a company that offers professional luggage management services, has sealed a €1.8 million financing round with three investment funds focused on portuguese companies.

The deal has been led by GED Ventures Portugal and Caixa Capital, funds that were accompanied by Portugal Ventures, an investor that has previously backed the company.


LUGGit is a portuguese company dedicated to picking up, storing and delivering luggage at the time and place its users choose. Founded in 2019 and recognised as the second most innovative idea by the World Tourism Organization in 2020, a solution that started to give service in Lisbon and Porto and that from then on, has grown in all aspects.


After redesigning and redefining its approach in 2021, LUGGit has achieved agreements with more than 2,000 owners and managers of tourist accommodations and expanded its services to five European cities located in three different countries. In 2022, it began operating in Prague and Barcelona, an international expansion that culminated with the opening in Madrid in July 2023. An expansion, with which it managed to reach more than 10,000 users, and to obtain more than double of the 2022 revenue during this financial year.


Having managed more than 50,000 pieces of luggage since its beginning, LUGGit offers a quality service that allows owners and managers of tourist accommodations that lack warehousing to offer a complete experience to their guests, who will be able to explore the city like a local without luggage being an impediment.


With the funding obtained, LUGGit will be able to continue with its strategy of expansion into more markets, as well as the expansion of the services it provides to its users in the different locations where it operates, without leaving behind its excellence, rated 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on more than 1700 reviews.