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Bionova Capital, a leading venture capital firm investing in and building disruptive life science companies across Europe, announced today that its portfolio company Delox has secured another € 750,000 of private and public investment, bringing its total capital raised since inception to over € 1.3 million.

This round was supported by existing investors Bionova Capital and Caixa Capital, in addition to new investors Kiilto Ventures from Finland and a private family office from Portugal. This round follows a period of investment and close support by Bionova Capital and allows Delox to launch its patented antimicrobial system in the market.


Delox is a spin-off from the University of Lisbon that has developed a novel, bio-decontamination system able to eliminate 99.9999% of all microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, from the surfaces of laboratory equipment and workspaces.

“We are launching this new product to fulfil an unmet global need for an efficient and cost-effective system for bio-decontamination of laboratory equipment. We have performed several pilot studies in facilities in the USA and Europe that have validated the efficacy and product-market fit of our product. This new funding will also enable us to certify our products, while developing new products that meet the requirements of additional clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries”, said Fadhil Musa, CEO, Delox.


Bionova Capital provided the initial pre-seed capital that allowed Delox to be established in 2018. “When we first met founders, they were university researchers looking for the first funding needed to establish the company. Since that day, we have been working closely with the founding team to help bring this breakthrough technology to the market. We are therefore delighted to witness the market launch of this much-needed product”, said Peter Villax, Chairman, Bionova Capital.


“Delox is another great example of our hands-on approach in building disruptive health startups across Europe. Bionova Capital helped with the chemistry and engineering behind the product, as well as with the recruitment of company’s Chairman and Advisory Board”, said Ricardo Perdigão Henriques, CEO, Bionova Capital. “Initially a university spin-off from Portugal, Delox is now expanding and launching a breakthrough product into the global bio-decontamination market. We are very pleased to continue supporting the company along its growth trajectory”.