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Digital nomads from other European countries, but also from Portugal, are falling in love with Lagos, in the Algarve, a city where there is already a significant community of these remote workers

According to a report by Lusa, most of these people work in the area of information technology, are between 30 and 40 years old and settle in the Algarve during the low season, when accommodation is cheaper, to spend some time and then head to another destination, returning the following winter.


Dennis Franz, a 35-year-old German who manages his own online marketing company, told Lusa that it was in Portugal that he started his journey as a digital nomad, in 2014, to, two years later, start spending seasons on a regular basis in Lagos, which he considers “the place” to be.


For digital nomads who work according to European time zones, “there is a financial advantage in being in Portugal”, although the cost of living is “increasing”, which makes many of these workers opt for cheaper destinations, especially on the Asian continent.


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