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Houses for sale became more expensive in 12 district capitals between January and February 2023, with Viana do Castelo leading the way (5.2 %), according to idealista's price index.

At the end of February 2023, buying a house in Portugal cost €2,475 per square meter (euros/m2), just 0.3% higher than at the end of January, according to the idealista price index. Regarding the quarterly and annual variation, house prices in Portugal rose by 0.6% and 6%, respectively.


House prices bought in February rose in 12 district capitals, with Viana do Castelo (5.2%), Braga (5.1%), and Guarda (4.6%) leading the list. Followed by Santarém (3.5%), Portalegre (2.5%), Faro (1.7%), Funchal (1.6%), Setúbal (1.6%), Lisbon (1.2%), Castelo Branco (0.9%), Viseu (0.8%) and Ponta Delgada (0.6%).


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