Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Vehicle diligence on the surface of Mars, From NASA, involves searching for traces of life on this planet, which at that time had a hydrosphere similar to what we have on Earth today.

As part of this Odyssey, Portugal and the ISQ Do they know how? The capsule’s protective shield, where samples collected on the red planet form the final stage of a long journey, re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, Designed and tested by the Portuguese Confederation led by Amorim, With ISQ, PIEP and the Stratosphere Company on a project of the European Space Agency (ESA).


The project is explained by the ISQ team (Welding and Quality Institute) in a report sent to the newsrooms. “Intended to attach to the capsule, to create a thermal protective shield system and shock absorbers during landing.”. This work includes the engineering, construction and test component of the capsule demonstrator.


According to the note, the ISQ carried out part of the verification tests of the engineering models and was responsible for the final impact test of the capsule demonstrator. The final test “was to reproduce the actual conditions affecting the capsule soil and was carried out at ISQ’s specialized testing laboratory located in Castello Franco”.


The project was a success, so the note goes on to say, “We will find an appropriate Portuguese participation in the possible existence of life on other planets in search of answers to a question that humanity has always asked.”