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The steadfast dedication to sustainability was one of the reasons to announce Miranda Bike Parts as the Portuguese winner of the European Sustainability Award.

“Our commitment seamlessly integrates environmental conservation with social responsibility, fostering innovative practices that resonate with community values,” said Miranda Bike Part Chief Marketing and Sustainability manager João Filipe Miranda. Another 500 Portuguese SMEs participated in the event organised by SME EnterPRIZE.


Industry wide sustainable packaging commitment

“This award helps us to bring forward the most innovative and sustainable bicycle components and keep our position at the forefront of ecodesign within the bike industry.” Miranda was among the first group of 56 companies in the bicycle industry to sign the first industry-wide sustainable packaging commitment last year. This shared commitment was initiated by the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) and Cycling Industries Europe (CIE). The purpose is to respect the circular economy principles, and the challenge is to eliminate waste and pollution, reuse products and materials, and regenerate natural systems.

Miranda’s commitment was also an important topic during the company’s latest investment round. The roll out of a major investment scheme to move towards mid- and high-end production also results in more production efficiency which allowed processes to be optimised so that the material waste is minimised in all production stages.


Sustainability profile

“This recognition not only raises our sustainability profile at home but also sets the stage for the European challenge. As Portugal’s chosen winner and representative, we eagerly anticipate the European SME EnterPRIZE ceremony in Brussels next month,” says João Filipe Miranda.

Recently João Filipe was one of the speakers at the event ‘SDGs in Focus: Insights on Portuguese Companies’ aimed at emphasising the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the event, he discussed the company’s dedication towards sustainable practices. “We didn’t just make it to the list of 169 company’s evaluated in the study, we were also featured in the report as a case study that exemplifies our dedication and leadership in the practical implementation of the SDGs.”


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