Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


SavvyCat Realty founder, Ana Caramujo, explains their unique business model when it comes to real estate.

Savvycat Realty started in 2020 and is a Buyer and Relocation agency, providing clients with a complete service that includes visas, location, rental, purchase, investment, and renovation and construction support to future owners and tenants in Portugal.


Their expert team consists of 10 members who are service-orientated and cover the whole of continental Portugal and who have lived in the area for 10-plus years so they know the area inside out. Their team also has contracted legal support who verify everything so you have that extra peace of mind with all legal matters.


Ana went on to explain, “The Portuguese real estate market is a mess with many conflicts of interest. I wanted to counter a lot of the problems that come up because of the way that agencies work, with one of the big problems in Portugal being the absence of buyer agents.


SavvyCat Realty prioritises integrity and transparency, with Ana affirming that “Expats are often taken advantage of due to not knowing how the Portuguese market works but we go against that. We do not have a portfolio to sell meaning we do not operate based on commissions, all our services have fixed prices. We avoid conflicts of interest so we never represent both the buyer and the seller.


“We want to make sure our clients know exactly what they are getting into and offer resident tours and not from a tourist perspective because those can be two very different things. We want to make sure they are making a good deal.”


In The Portugal News.