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The prime minister has spoken out again to defend that Portugal is a safe destination for tourists, claiming that it is one of the European countries that has carried out the most tests and has the best indicators in controlling Covid -19.

In a brief interview with CNN, António Costa told the American television network that in Portugal a protocol was signed between the health authorities and representatives of the hospitality industry in order to guarantee safety and hygiene conditions for those who visit the country.

“Portugal was one of the countries that has tested the most per million inhabitants and has reliable numbers. Now, trust is an essential factor in choosing a holiday destination”, said the prime minister.

During the interview, which lasted about three minutes, CNN reporter Fred Pleitegen highlighted that Portuguese tourism has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and added that the Portuguese economy is very dependent on tourist demand.

He also stated that Portugal was one of the countries that imposed early confinement measures to help fight against the spread of the new coronavirus and that the Portuguese authorities are being viewed as a “success” story in controlling the pandemic.

In the report, in addition to mentioning that those arriving at Lisbon airport are subject to temperature control, a German couple is interviewed at Largo Portas do Sol, in the parish of Santa Maria Maior, in Lisbon, who said they feel safe on their visit to Portugal.

On 15 June, at the presentation of the new campaign for Turismo de Portugal, the prime minister left a message targeting the domestic market.

António Costa invited the Portuguese to take holidays “inside” the country to allow them to take advantage of the privilege of visiting or rediscovering the country that for three consecutive years - 2017, 2018 and 2019 - was considered the best tourist destination in the world.
“If we have the privilege of living in the best destination in the world, then we should enjoy it,” he argued.

“We have to protect our health, but we also have to protect incomes, jobs and companies and make these territories live, which all help to make Portugal the best destination in the world and which depend a lot on whether or not there are tourists,” he said.

Before, the Minister of Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira had already emphasised the message that this was an opportunity for the Portuguese to be tourists in their own country and also an opportunity to invest in Portuguese companies.

The campaign “TuPodes, Visita Portugal”, presented by the President of Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo, represents an investment of €2 million and will be running until the end of the year. The campaign was launched with a film starring by tourists of various nationalities, who have already visited Portugal and who appeal to the Portuguese to let themselves be filled with the desire to explore the sounds, landscapes, culture or gastronomy of the country.