Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Frankfurt, February 2023, Portuguese design on the world stage! The young Product Design brand, Salto de Gazela, was distinguished in the renowned German Design Award competition with the Special Mention prize for "Metamorphosis" in the category – Excellent Product Design – Furniture.

At a time when it is increasingly important to consider that resources are finite, sustainability gains a prominent place when we talk about the creation of new products. Currently, the design challenge is to create and innovate thinking about the comfort of the present and the continuity of future generations. Aesthetic beauty combined with environmental and social ethics gives rise to the most unusual artistic creations.


With these principles in mind, the incomparable Metamorphosis chair was created, part of a vast and luxurious collection of furniture, lighting and upholstery. A chair of the future, for the future! Covered in 100% sustainable fabric and with the reuse of brass scraps, it converges into a functional work of art that is governed by the greater good. Of undeniable elegance and comfort, it symbolizes the hope of a better future in which two worlds come together, luxury and sustainability.


This is how Gazela took the leap, taking with it the confirmation and affirmation of the work of excellence carried out in Portugal by Portuguese craftsmen and designers.